Care of motor cycle, quad and UTV batteries

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    Bikers are well aware of the problem: after the winter, the motor cycle or quad will not start. The battery is flat. This can be avoided with the proper care and maintenance of motor cycle batteries and a direct start in the beautiful spring weather is guaranteed.

    Correct care and maintenance of motor cycle batteries – Step by step

    Lawn mowers, motor cycles, jet skis and quads are usually only used in the warm seasons. Batteries from the VARTA Powersports series can easily withstand winter storage. However a few aspects should be considered so that the battery remains fresh until the start of the season.

    First of all: The right preparations

    Important: Safety first. Protective glasses, disposable gloves and long sleeves protect against accidental contact with dilute sulfuric acid. It is essential to observe the safety information which is supplied with the battery before filling.

    1. Suitable storage locations

    A correct storage location can make a large contribution to maintaining the power of the battery. A dry and well-ventilated area is important. Ideally, the room temperature should be between 10-15° C.

    1. Maintain the charge

    Before putting it into winter storage, it is advisable to fully charge the battery with an external charger. To keep the voltage at a level above 12.5 V, the battery should also be connected to a compatible charger every two months. The maintenance charge prevents discharge, extends the life of the battery and guarantees an optimum charge level at the start of the season. For this, a special charger must be used, which includes a maintenance charge mode, as otherwise there is a risk of overcharging. In case of doubt, please consult the manufacturer’s information.

    1. Topping up and cleaning the battery

    The marking on the long side of a VARTA Powersports Freshpack shows whether the battery needs to be topped up with distilled water.

    Important: Before topping up, remove dirt from the vicinity of the filling plug to prevent dirt from entering the battery cells. When topping up with distilled water, a suitable funnel helps to prevent splashes and enables the correct amount of water to be added.

    Important: The cells must not be overfilled. VARTA Powersports Freshpack batteries must only be topped up with distilled water. The electrolyte which is supplied with the battery – the Freshpack – is only filled once on commissioning. Use a mild cleaning agent to clean the battery case. Including the battery terminals in the cleaning process eliminates corrosion and therefore faulty contacts.