Emanuel Gyenes wins Rally Dakar

This article contains:
    • Without any assistance: Participants in the “Original by Motul” category are completely on their own
    • Sponsors like Clarios VARTA® provide important support
    • Experienced driver: Romanian bike specialist started for the 10th time in the rally-raid competition

    Clarios VARTA® entered a partnership with Romanian Dakar legend Emanuel Gyenes. The world-leading battery manufacturer sponsored Gyenes’ 10th participation in the Rally Dakar. In the world’s most important long-distance and desert rally, he competed in 2020 in the category “Original by Motul” – and finished 1st place in a superior manner.

    In the “Original by Motul” class of the Dakar Rally the drivers are completely on their own and have to manage without any help from a team. They drive and navigate alone, maintain and repair their motorcycles and quads themselves. “At the end of each race day, I worked on the bike to prepare it for the next day, after I spend even more than 900 km in the saddle,” Gyenes explained.

    During the race, drivers and machines had to deal with challenging difficulties: driving through canyons, dunes, mountains and dry riverbeds of Saudi Arabia is demanding. Defying these circumstances, the experienced motorcyclist Gyenes prevailed against 40 competitors on the 7,800 kilometers long route through Saudi Arabia, divided into 12 stages. “Without my sponsors this success would not have been possible,” he says.

    Clarios congratulates Emanuel Gyenes, who also holds a great 29th place in the overall ranking, for his outstanding performance in this tough competition and to his 3rd title in the Dakar Rally.