A new powerful trio for the leisure segment

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    Vacations in 2020 will likely be different from previous years. The COVID-19 situation has had a big impact on all of our lives and subsequently on the way we spend our holiday time.

    In Europe, there are 5.5 Million Caravans and Motorhomes, which shows there are large numbers of eager travelers, and due to the pandemic, more caravanning is expected during holidays in 2020.

    To ensure a perfect trip good equipment is vital and the battery is a substantial part of this for caravanning. Whether you need to use the electric mover to position your caravan at a camp site or want to take your motorhome off grid and be totally independent: A reliable energy source gives you peace of mind.

    VARTA® Professional batteries are designed to supply energy to all kinds of electrical applications, so you can have a relaxing and enjoyable stay. With these batteries you can fully depend on power for both essentials like interior lighting and fridges as well as for luxuries like TVs or computers.

    Now, VARTA introduces three new members to the VARTA Professional family. Ranging from high energy AGM models for demanding applications to powerful energy sources for lower-spec caravans and motorhomes.


    Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA 210

    The new LA 210 is based on AGM technology which provides a high cycling stability and a high resistance to low state of charge down to 20%. This allows the battery to support long off grid stays and provide high energy for on-board consumers such as light and water, but also for demanding comfort functions such as TV screens, coffee makers and laptops.


    Professional Dual Purpose LFD 230

    The new LFD 230 is the next evolution of the Dual-Purpose range, based on EFB technology. The new design supports state of charge down to 50% which is suitable to supply power for short trips, like an off-grid weekend with medium equipment like lights and phone chargers.


    Professional Dual Purpose LFS 120

    Although mainly designed for marine use, the new LFS 120 can also be used to start caravans and motorhomes which do not require as much power. With 120Ah, the LFS 120 provides the most energy within this battery size.