Automechanika 2018: Clarios introduces next level service and training offer for workshops

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    At the Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt VARTA showcases at booth E10 in hall 4.1 a new generation of services and trainings for workshops. The increasing number of electrical consumer demands and start-stop systems in vehicles need a mind-shift change at a workshop level in order to improve their competitiveness. Clarios and VARTA are bringing their service offer to the next level to help workshops at every step of the battery replacement journey.

    • Increasing complexity of vehicles requires new service offering at workshops
    • Enhanced VARTA Partner Portal supports workshops with tools and expertise to improve workshop efficiency and customer satisfaction
    • Launch of technologically advanced truck battery

    This includes an enhanced VARTA Partner Portal with information and tools that will provide detailed fitment instructions for up to 98 percent of all vehicles. Through new multimedia trainings provided by VARTA, mechanics will become experts for basic and advanced battery technologies. Furthermore, the company will launch a new truck battery that incorporates innovative battery technology to prolong cycle life of the battery and reduce downtime risk for trucks that are highly equipped, for example with features such as parking cooler. “This new battery technology for trucks will introduce the optimal solution to empower drivers, fleet manager and logistic companies to overcome todays and future challenges”, says Ulrich Eich, vice president Aftermarket EMEA, Clarios.

    The battery is the heart of the system

    Consumer seek more efficient, powerful and safer cars than ever. This means vehicles must meet a long list of the latest technologies and electrical applications, which require constant observation and service checks to function well even in the most extreme conditions. Further, more and more vehicles feature the start-stop function, and the overall complexity of electrical components continues to grow. Due to these developments, the role of the battery has changed. The battery has become the heart of the system powering vehicles of all types every day. The best knowledge and expertise is required to achieve incomparable service for every complex battery solution. “Today, one out of three vehicles are equipped with start-stop and could be serviced by workshops. Accordingly, workshops need more support and a reliable partner to cope with this ever-changing business environment”, says Eich. “The battery is the heart of the system and workshops are the heart of the change. We want to equip our partners to be best prepared for these new challenges.”

    Therefore, VARTA will offer a comprehensive service for workshops to deliver the best products and best services to its customers. It includes an enhanced VARTA Partner Portal 2.0 providing new online tutorials as well as information on an increased number of vehicles. Finally, this offering also includes an updated VARTA Preventive Maintenance Program, related multimedia trainings and service solutions, taking into account the needs of a new generation of mechanic.

    Truck power of the future

    The logistics sector is changing at an increasing rate. A high demand for non-stop transportation service requires trucks to be on the road longer and reduce the need for continuous battery replacements. Today’s trucks need an advanced battery technology to maximize the driver’s comfort and minimize total cost of ownership by prolonging battery cycle life and reducing downtime risk. Clarios and VARTA are serving this need with the launch of a unique truck battery at this year’s Automechanika.