The VARTA® Application Database now covers 99.6 percent of all car models in Europe

This article contains:
    • Enlarged service offering for workshops and consumers
    • 7,176 additional car models
    • VARTA® Partner Portal is preparing workshops for new battery service situations.

    The European car fleet comprises more than 40,000 models, which means that not even experts are able to identify the right battery for every single one of them. This is where the VARTA Partner Portal by Clarios comes in and provides assistance with finding the right fit. VARTA has now updated its reference application database with an additional 7,176 vehicle models from 165 brands, representing 19.8 million additional vehicles on Europe´s roads. The database therefore covers 94 percent of the models in the European market and no fewer than 99.6 percent or 381 million of the registered vehicles. Customers and workshops can now search for 38,000 car models and their batteries in linked customer portals on the VARTA Automotive website ( and the VARTA Partner Portal (

    The VARTA Partner Portal offers four modules to prepare workshops for new battery service situations, too. That includes the growing number of start-stop vehicles. Not only are vehicle electronics increasing in complexity as a result, but battery testing and replacement are also becoming more difficult. Battery service is now a complex task for workshop mechanics, who need up to 28 steps to change a battery. Consequently, service times for a battery change have increased significantly – in part, as well, because they are often installed in locations that are difficult to access.

    Four modules for all the key information

    Free, unlimited access to the VARTA Partner Portal is quickly and easily available for every workshop employee with any internet-enabled device after a one-off registration. It provides workshop employees with various options to immediately obtain all the key information for replacing the battery:

    The BATTERY SELECTION module provides the exact-fit battery recommendation and can find a specific battery by part number through the Battery Search Code. It suggests alternatives for an enhanced performance and covers nearly all start-stop car models.

    With the BATTERY POSITION module, workshop employees can find the battery right away. The Partner Portal shows a detailed image where the battery is located in the selected vehicle. Details, for example the fastest way to access the battery, can be called up with a click.

    The step-by-step FITTING INSTRUCTIONS show the estimated service time and help to change a battery more efficient and accurately. They also make the battery fitting process easier for start-stop vehicles and indicate whether you have to connect to the battery management system.

    The BATTERY KNOWLEDGE section is a repository of know-how. It explains, for instance, the changed role of the battery, the importance of using the right battery technology for start-stop vehicles and the special factors that have to be taken into account when testing batteries in start-stop vehicles.