Two new VARTA AGM battery types for motorcyles

This article contains:
    • New VARTA Powersports AGM battery for all mounting angles
    • Improved cold start performance for extreme weather conditions
    • Factory activated for immediate use

    Clarios launches its new VARTA Powersports batteries for motorcycle and leisure applications. AGM batteries offer many benefits such as a long life, reduced corrosion and low operating costs for all vehicle types. The new Powersports AGM Active and Powersports AGM High Performance, sold under the leading VARTA brand, provides reliable, durable and safe solutions for high-performance vehicles operated under the most extreme conditions.

    VARTA Powersports AGM Active


    VARTA Powersports AGM is supplied ready for use, eliminating the need for acid filling or charging and suitable for all mounting angles. AGM’s precision engineering makes the Powersports AGM Active ideal for high-performance motorcycles with high-energy requirements, such as heated handlebars, safety systems, etc. When there is a need for speed, the new Powersports AGM Active is the perfect solution, because it is supplied ready for use: Simply install it and drive off – filling the battery with acid or charging is not necessary.


    • AGM activated at the factory and ready for use immediately
    • Precision filled, charged and permanently sealed
    • Guaranteed leak-proof
    • Longer lifetime*
    • 100% maintenance free
    • Suitable for all mounting angles
    • High vibration resistance
    • Low self-discharge


    VARTA Powersports AGM High Performance


    With up to 20% higher cold cranking power* the VARTA Powersports AGM High Performance provides improved reliability, durability and safety in low temperatures where higher power is needed for cold starts. Multiple case sizes make the new Powersports AGM High Performance suitable for nearly all motorcycle and leisure models.



    • Up to 20% more cold cranking power
    • Longer lifetime*
    • Simple storage through delivery with a separate acid pack
    • 100% maintenance free
    • Suitable for mounting angles up to 45°
    • Improved vibration resistance*


    *In comparison with conventional batteries