Unique auxiliary battery

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    Many modern vehicles with combustion engines now come with a normal 12 volt starter battery and an auxiliary battery. This configuration is known as a “dual-battery system”. In particular, the high class models of the leading original equipment manufacturers require a compact, powerful auxiliary battery. The VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary AUX 1 was especially developed to meet the OE requirements of high power demand and compact dimensions.

    The unique battery solution from Clarios

    Since 2018 the AUX1 has been part of the VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary product range. It is equipped with the patented PowerFrame® grid technology which in comparison with other grid designs, provides up to 66% longer service life, excellent starting power and up to 70% increase in current flow. Clarios is the only manufacturer on the global market which offers this type of battery – both as an OEM component as well as an original spare part.



    • Increases the length of the start-stop function for start-stop systems
    • Especially suitable for vehicles with a large number of electrical consumers
    • Patented PowerFrame® grid technology
    • Latest silver-calcium technology
    • Low self-discharge
    • Supports comfort functions during engine start
    • Reliable starting power even at temperatures below freezing point
    • Meets all OEM standards