The battery brand that drivers trust the most

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    Car manufacturers always choose components that best suit their vehicles. That’s why 7 out of 10 new vehicles with start-stop technology are equipped with a VARTA AGM battery. And that is no coincidence. Because VARTA AGM-batteries were developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers. They offer longer life, are less susceptible to corrosion, have lower operating costs and make VARTA the automotive industry’s number one battery supplier.

    User choice.

    And this is now also confirmed by motorists. A major survey by the leading automotive magazine “Auto Bild” has determined which battery manufacturers offer motorists the best quality. More than 40,000 readers named their favorites and VARTA was the most trusted car battery brand* in Germany.

    The benchmark for advanced battery technology.

    VARTA car batteries are manufactured in Germany in the world’s largest AGM production facility to the highest manufacturing standards and have been developed to ensure optimum performance and service life for every type of vehicle. Whether standard vehicles, extensively equipped cars with start-stop systems or electric vehicles – VARTA has the right technology for every energy requirement. When you choose a car battery from VARTA, you can be sure that you are getting reliable precision technology with first-class manufacturing quality. 98% of all lead-acid batteries are collected and successfully recycled at the end of their service life, making the classic 12V battery the most recycled product in the world.

    Number one for a reason.

    VARTA batteries are backed by Clarios, a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions. Its portfolio of constantly evolving battery technologies offers an optimal energy solution for virtually any type of vehicle. More than 16,000 employees work in development, production and sales for technologies that offer a uniquely future-proof performance level and guarantee reliability, safety and comfort in everyday life.

    Check your battery in time and regularly.

    Because the battery is the heart of every vehicle. If it fails, nothing works anymore. And unfortunately, this happens quite often: According to ADAC breakdown statistics, more than 43% of all car breakdowns are due to the battery. One of the reasons for this is that modern cars are equipped with more and more comfort and assistance systems that are heavily dependent on the battery.
    Regular battery checks are therefore enormously important. Are you looking for a VARTA® partner who offers a battery test? With the workshop search on our website, you can find your nearest battery expert in no time at all.

    *Auto Bild (Ausgabe 15/2023)