Save fuel with Start-Stop

Start-Stop can maximize fuel efficiency. The right battery ensures that maximum fuel is saved through a working system.
Battery Technology

New Dual Purpose EFB

VARTA developed the next evolution of the Dual-Purpose range, based on EFB technology.

Deactivating start-stop

If the start-stop system is deactivated, can a conventional battery be installed to save money?


Start-stop technology and recuperation require new batteries. These are available with EFB and AGM batteries

How automatic start-stop works

Automatic start-stop systems help to save fuel. But does start-stop work and what is the role of the battery?

Special start-stop batteries

Start-stop technology results in a large number of starting processes. How the start-stop battery copes with these.

The new role for car batteries

Due to increasing demands, car batteries are gaining importance. The future of car batteries has already begun.
Fitment & Instructions

Start-stop battery replacement

Which batteries can be used in vehicles with automatic start-stop systems? Differences between EFB and AGM technology.
Battery Technology

Is an AGM battery better?

With high energy consumptions, starter batteries soon reach their limits. Is it better to buy an AGM battery?
Battery Technology

Battery technologies

It is not easy to select the right car battery. Which battery belongs in which vehicle?