Technology upgrade for the leisure segment

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    Remember the time when leisure vehicles did not need much in the way of electrics? Back then, all it took to light your cooker was a match. Refrigerators turned on via piezo igniters and it was mostly the lights which ran off the 12 V battery. Well, those days are long gone. Today, camping and marine applications come with numerous luxury features. In recreational use, more and more owners want to recreate a homelike comfort in their caravans and boats. To fulfill this aim, an increasing number of electrical consumers are required, which will lead to additional energy demand.

    Comfort needs energy

    Relaxing on the beach and controlling the air conditioning remotely, turning up the heating on time during the winter season and staying up to date about battery charging levels via an app – smart motorhomes with digital networking are the latest thing in camping. Larger bathrooms without the need for fold-away furniture increase the energy consumption of the water pump while the obsolescence of gas systems and containers requires a 12 V battery if used off grid.

    There is also an increasing DIY trend to customise or entirely build camper vans to meet the users’ needs. The vans’ interiors range from simple installations like bedding and LED lights up to sophisticated interiors with TVs and fully equipped kitchens.

    Not unlike modern caravans, today’s boats also have an increasingly high number of comfort functions to make life on the open sea as pleasant as possible. This can range from air conditioning units to a number of navigational electronics and the latest in communication devices. All this technology makes operating the vessel easier and safer, but the advantages also call for more robust and reliable batteries to handle the rise in power consumption.

    Extending the range   

    To account for this ongoing trend in the recreational vehicle market, VARTA has broadened its range of leisure batteries. While the new Professional Dual Purpose AGM LA 210 is the perfect fit for even the highest demands, boats and motorhomes with moderate energy demands need the right product to perform at their best too. That’s why VARTA developed the next evolution of the Dual-Purpose range, based on EFB technology.


    Camping Batteries


    The new Professional Dual Purpose EFB is designed for both starting and deep cycle marine and camping applications. Developed for standard motorhomes, caravans and boats with essential energy demands, the minimal self-discharge makes it ideal for seasonal use and short off-grid trips. The EFB technology supports state of charge up to 80% with the LED 95 model and 50% from LED 190 and higher. This makes for up to twice the cyclic stability of conventional flooded batteries (up to 250 cycles @ 50% DOD).


    Marine Batteries


    The perfect choice for every application

    A leisure battery is the heart of every caravan’s or motorboat’s electrical system. With the introduction of the new Dual Purpose AGM LA 210 and Dual Purpose EFB, VARTA’s Professional range covers every possible energy need and provides the right battery for each application.