Preparing your motorcycle for the new season

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    The snow has melted, temperatures are on the rise and the days are finally getting longer. It is that time of the year for bikers to rejoice as the new motorcycle season is upon us. But before you can hop on your bike, quad or even ride-on lawn mower there is a little bit of maintenance to be done first:

    Fluids and filters: If you haven’t changed your oil and oil filter in some time, now is the perfect time to do it. Also, check all other fluids like coolant, transmission oil, clutch and brake fluid, etc. Always remember to consult your owner’s manual for the right amount and proper procedure if changing is necessary.

    Brakes: Take a good look at your brake pads. If they show any sign of cracks, leaks or unusual wear, it’s time to replace them. Also, perform a test on both brakes to make sure they are in working order. Any unusual noises should be checked by a mechanic.

    Tyres: Do your tyres show any cracks, flat spots or have visibly worn tracks? Then it’s time for a new set. If they’re looking ok, don’t forget to check the air pressure.

    Engine: Check your bike for rusty cylinders and be sure to rotate the engine before the first start. You can do so by putting your motorcycle in second gear and turning the rear wheel. Additionally, make sure that the clutch plates do not stick together after the winter storage.

    Lights: Be certain that all lights on your bike are working properly and replace any bulbs if needed.

    Belts and chains: Take a look at your drive chain or belt. Are there any cracks showing? Is the tension according to the manufacturer’s specifications? If in doubt, consult your mechanic.


    Checking the battery

    Now that everything else is in order, it’s time to address the battery. So, you have taken the recommended precautions during wintertime so that the battery remains fresh until the start of the season. Very good. Nevertheless, before you start the engine or charge the battery, it’s a good idea to carry out a simple 4-step check. Important safety advice: always wear protective gloves and glasses when checking the acid level and filling the battery.

    1. Check the terminals, connections, connectors and cables for any damage, corrosion or fractures

    2. Check the battery casing for fractures, leaks and discolouration

    3. Check the acid level (Powersports Freshpack only) and, if necessary, top up with distilled water

    4. Check Battery voltage and recharge battery if necessary


    Charging the battery

    The most common issue with motorcycles sitting all winter long, tends to be the batteries. If you haven’t kept your battery on a trickle charger while it was stored, don’t worry. It’s never too late to charge your battery back up for that first ride of the season. The best (and easiest) way to test a battery is using a voltmeter or multimeter to measure the voltage.

    Testing battery

    The battery needs to be fully charged to deliver optimum performance. The recommended charging current is 10% of the nominal capacity in amperes (e.g., a 4 Ah battery requires a 0.4 A charging current). For a step-by-step guide on how to charge your particular battery, please refer to the instruction manual supplied with it.


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    Powersports batteries

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    And with the Powersports AGM Active model you are set to go in no time. It comes factory activated meaning it is precision charged, pre-filled and permanently sealed so you are ready to ride.